A Software Craftsman, who loves to code and create things.

I am so handsome.


2019 - Present

Under Software Engineer II role at Uber I have been part of Mobile Platform team and currently working in Data Intelligence team as android developer.


2016 - 2020

I am a Co Founder and CTO of Videoder. With over 50 million downloads Videoder is among the hottest video downloaders. It supports downloading from over 50+ sites. Packed with ample features and perfected with a modern design, the app will surely win your heart. We have over 1.2 million fan following on the Facebook page.


2015 - 2016

Was a software development engineer in Zomato before I went working on Videoder. With the motto to ensure nobody has a bad meal, Zomato serves more than 50 million users, enabling them to search their favorite restaurant and order food online without any hassle.

During my time here I published 40+ releases of Restaurant Finder app, Zomato order app as well as Zomato app for business owners on Android, which included complete make over in terms of design and business logic.

To give back to open source community I published my trial week project Photo Filters on Github which now has over 2.1k stars. Read about this project on Zomato Blog.



Joined Zscaler as a Software Engineer Intern when I was in 8th semester of my undergrad. With headquarters located in California, it is a global cloud-based information security company.

Worked on Zscaler App, learned about Zscaler Infrastucture, Networking Tools, Cloud Services and much more. Gained experience of working in a team as well as working individually as a sole developer and taking responsibilities. Worked on various projects likes Continuous Integration, Cross platform logging module, OTA app distribution system, Admin Dashboards etc.

Fun Projects

Spark Button

2016 - Present

Highly customizable and lightweight android library that allows you to create button with animation effect similar to Twitter’s heart animation.

1000 stars on Github

Glowing Loader

2018 - Present

Android library to indicate progress and is natively created for Android Platform. It is an implementation of a design composed by Shashank Sahay.

300+ stars on Github

Crazy Driver


A 2D android game made using libgdx game engine, concepts of projectile motion.

Movie Memo


Being a cinephilliac myself I created this android app to maintain wish list, ratings and my watched history in my pocket.

Lazy Music


Was frustrated of not being able to shuffle songs while driving. Me and my friends developed this app to switch songs simply by shaking phone.



Created this app to try out new material design, lollipop animations. App gives out facts related to numbers, dates and maths.