Reworking website and setting up blog using Jekyll

All of my posts are written in Markdown and the blog is powered by Jekyll, a static site generator that takes Markdown blog posts and converts them into HTML files. I went for this approach (and not Wordpress or any other CMS for that matter) because:

  1. Whole website/blog can be easily version controlled.
  2. Little or no maintainance is required (No longer out-of-date Wordpress installations!)
  3. Blog can be served with almost any web server, since the output of jekyll is just flat HTML files.
  4. Structure website and its source code according to my need without bloatwares.

Design of the blog is inspired by Galshir’s website.

I’ve hosted the actual site on my own server, because I like being in control of my website hosting and to be able to run node app.

Find the source code of the website on Github, steps to install and deploy are mentioned in the Feel free to explore and ask me questions.

Thanks for reading!

Varun Verma

I'm Varun, Engg @Uber, Co Founder of Videoder, ex Zoman, full stack developer, android developer, designer, entrepreneur, researcher, dota player and fitness enthusiast.

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